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Friday, July 19, 2024


Horse Training

We have trainers that use a natural horsemanship approach as well as others that are experienced in both Parelli and Anderson styles.

Level of training offered will depend on how well your horse is already a capable and safe ride. But typically ground work will include turns, backing, loading, lunging, stopping. In all three speeds walk, trot, and canter. Horse control will include leg, seat, hands, and voice. A round pen is available for outdoor training.
A typical training fee for 1 hour 5 days a week is $200 per month. If less training is needed the fee is prorated.

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Sometimes we are taught by the horses!

Working with all animals is important to our behavior! Observation can be a great learning experience.


If all you want is to have your horses ridden then the typical rates (depending on horse personality and level of training) are:
1 hour ride - $20 – multiple rides may be discounted.
The ride will include exercise, saddling (owner or Stable’s tack), lunging, and full groom including feet.